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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Garden Update

I thought I'd give you a look into my garden as it stands, now! We finally have a real plan and that makes it so much better. We are getting somewhere, now! I know it doesn't look like a lot, but we have marked the edge of the fruit and vegetable garden and the fence. You can just barely see it starting in the bottom of the photo. In the middle of the fence, we are going to have a horticultural arbor. It's made from some transplanted snowball bushes that we are hoping survive after all the work we put in to get them there! The left side is the veggie garden and the right side will eventually be a kids' garden with a pergola and sitting area!

We are actually getting some fruit on the apple and peach trees we planted this year! I am so excited! There are literally about 6 fruit total, but it will make a nice snack!! I can't wait!

Some of our roses are blooming even though we hacked them to bits. They were completely overgrown and we were planning to move most of them. Now that we have changed our plan, we are going to leave most of them where they are. I've also been trying to get some cuttings to root, so we may end up with a ton of roses! This one smells wonderfully even when you are just standing close to it! I love it!!

This is my fairy garden. I had to cut back a lot of the branches of the shrubs on either side of it so that it could get more than an hour of sunlight per day. Now, it gets about three. I still need to build three fairy houses (the kids want them, too) and some various furniture for the fairies to come and visit us.

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The Chronicler and the Philosopher said...

Great work and effort! I have always loved gardening but somehow lack of time is what makes me stop from doing it and also lack of space. But I have some beautiful Alamanda and some red and white flowers (I don't know the name) growing in tubs in my tiny balcony and they do give a green relief to my senses. Nice to read about your garden. Never let it die!!