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Monday, May 04, 2009

Mystery Plant

I planted a Houttuynia cordata 'Chameleon' in the fall. I just love them! They are so pretty even without great looking flowers! (Beware: They can be invasive and hard to get rid of!) But, on to my story...

So, this Spring, when something came up in that spot I was glad to see that a favorite plant had survived it's first winter here. They I started to realize that it wasn't the right plant. My husband tried to convince me that I must have remembered wrong.

I kept waiting and researching. But, I couldn't find any connection between the two plants, nor could I identify the interloper. It was all wrong: leaves, flowers, timing! (If you recognize it, PLEASE let me know what it is!)

Then, I noticed that the Houttuynia was growing up underneath.

Finally, I decided that I didn't like the new plant and that it was my garden, so I could pull it out if I wanted to, and I did!

So, now I am letting the Houttuynia grow and flourish!

The end! (Until the old bits that stayed in when I pulled it out grow back!)

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