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Monday, September 28, 2009

Work in Progress

I have decided that my yard is always going to be a work in progress! We are always reworking what we want and adding or moving new things. For my birthday, my SIL got me some butterfly bushes that were supposed to be an arch for entering the garden. I think we may have put them too far apart, but they are still going to look spectacular. To put the bushes where we wanted them, we had to move some very old and rank roses. We actually love the blossoms, but the plants had been neglected for many years and were a mess. So, we cut them up and dug them out. They are now replanted and will hopefully survive. We decided that we were willing to lose them, so it wouldn't be a big deal. My husband and I really want them to live. They have a chance, since it is cooler right now. So far, it looks good. It has been about three weeks.

We've also decided that we want a mostly perennial orchard/vineyard/garden in the back. We want more fruit trees, more blackberries, as well as some currants, raspberries and grapes. We'll leave about a 5 by 20 foot area that will be an annual vegetable garden.

I haven't decided if we just change what we want to do all of the time or if we have finally settled on what we really want now that we've lived here for a year. Either way, I'm happy with the plan and we'll see how it all looks next year!

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